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Best Fields to Party At in the Major League
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Major League Baseball games are one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon or evening. Cheap seats are relatively easy to come by and beer flows freely. With the All-Star break coming up next week it's a good time to sit down and assess where you'll be spending the second half of the season.

Turner FieldTurner Field, Atlanta, GA -  The Ted is great for partying because there are so many spots to have a cold one. They even sell hundreds of general admission tickets that don't get an actual seat, it's a ticket for people who essentially just want to hang out. The most popular hangout location is definitely the Chop House. On the first level of the Chop House there is an open air restaurant and bar. You can sit at a table facing center field, order some food, and watch the game.

There is also plenty of standing room for those only interested in some refreshing libations. Then there is the Top of the Chop which is directly on top of the restaurant below. Food isn't the main focus on top, patrons are there to drink beer, take shots and cheer for the Braves. People make signs and hold them over the railing, hoping to catch the eye of the guy running the jumbotron. There is always a line to get into Top of the Chop but it moves fairly quickly, so don't get discouraged when visiting for your first time.  Another fun place to hang out is the 755 club, the main reason being is because it's the only place at Turner Field that has AIR CONDITIONING!  With summer days rarely dropping below 90 and with the insane amounts of humidity in the south, the 755 club is like an alcohol filled oasis. It's not nearly as easy to get into as the Chop House but if you know the right people or pay the price it is well worth it.

The 755 Club sits on the second level of seating in right field, windows line the entire club so you can still get a great view of the game. It also offers outdoor seating  if you want to brave the heat. From any part of the field you get a great view of downtown Atlanta and you are allowed to bring in your own food and drink (non-alcoholic) if you want to save on the cost of a fun day down at Turner Field.

Chase FieldChase Field, Phoenix, AZ - Home to the Diamondbacks and this year's All-Star game Chase Field offers a lot of things that other fields don't. The two that stick out the most are probably air conditioning and a swimming pool. Beating the heat in the middle of a desert is priority number one for many and Chase Field understands. With a retractable roof that is able to close in 10 minutes flat Chase is able to have air conditioning and a natural grass field. Between the Arizona Baseball Club, Friday's Front Row, and the Sedona Club there are plenty of fun places to mingle, eat, and drink.  And with some of the lowest prices for beer in the MLB, Chase Field is a great place to party.

Wrigley FieldWrigley Field, Chicago, IL - Watching the Cubs play at Wrigley is great because you don't necessarily have to go into the stadium to enjoy the game. There are 16 different buildings with rooftop views surrounding the field, and a few years ago, these rooftops entered into a revenue sharing program with the Cubs, and are now considered 'Official Cubs Rooftop Partners.' Almost all of the rooftops are also restaurants and bars, one in particular, Skybox on Sheffield, is 8000 sq ft, has three outdoor levels, three bars, and over 30 plasma TVs. The tickets are pricey but they are also all-inclusive so it evens out. If you're a traditionalist and want to actually go into the stadium, you won't be disappointed doing that either.  It's very historic and the food and beer are pretty cheap. But beer has also been known to run out well before the 7th inning due to all the party people so get it while you can!

Coors FieldCoors Field, Denver, CO - Anything named after a brewing company has to show you a good time, right? Well it definitely gives you a show, Coors Field has the reputation of one of the most hitter friendly fields in baseball. Thanks to the thin air and lack of humidity, Coors Field gives up tons of homeruns, triples, and doubles even though the outfield is one of the largest among other stadiums. All of the seats in the stadium are green but the seats in 20th row in the upper deck are purple. This marks the city's one mile elevation point.  And one other thing that would make Coors Field fun to party at, there's a brewery at the stadium!  The Blue Moon Brewery at The Sandlot is a microbrewery/restaurant that is behind the Right Field Stands, with an entrance from Coors Field, and from Blake Street. The brewery is operated by the Coors Brewing Company, and experiments with craft beers on a small scale. So a chance to see homeruns, drink freshly brewed beer, and join the mile high club? Yeah, sounds like a fun day at the ballpark to us.

Fenway ParkFenway Park, Boston, MA - The home of the Red Sox, Fenway is the oldest MLB stadium currently in use and presumably the most historic. You can get a beer and a Fenway dog for under $10, and sit atop the Green Monster and hope for a long ball from Big Papi. The best part about Fenway is the atmosphere, Red Sox fans are unlike any other. Rarely does a ball club sell out a Wednesday afternoon game, the Red Sox however,  have sold out EVERY home game since May 15, 2003. So regardless of what day or time you go, you will be surrounded by over 37,000 crazy New England sports fans. Forget the beer, forget the shots, that's a party.

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